TradingBells has launched a special offer for client referrals only for the month of August 2018

Rs. 500 per referral to all our clients

Terms & Conditions

This is a one time payment, and the referrer will not be eligible for any brokerage sharing or other incentive in future.

You find an online panel for this purpose. Only clients referred through this panel by 31st August will be eligible for this incentive.

The referrer will have to get the account opening charge payment done and email the documents to between 9-Aug-18 to 31-Aug-18. You will find the payment link and documents to be sent on the online panel here.

Payout of all incentives will be on 14-Sep in your trading account, provided the account referred is opened and atleast Rs 10,000/- margin is deposited till 13-Sep.

If you want to refer clients under this offer, you need to have an account with TradingBells first. For this purpose, you can open an account with ZERO account opening charge if you don’t have an account already with TradingBells. For all existing clients, you may login using your client code with the default password being your PAN Card number.

In case the client referred is already registered with TradingBells as a client or has been referred by someone else, the same would not be eligible for the referral payout. In such cases we would notify the referee of the same.

In case of any dispute regarding the offer payout, management decision will be final.
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