Our Business Partners have created their own solid and secure route of earnings for themselves over time. This article is for you if you would like to earn some extra income through referrals.

There are 3 ways in which you can partner with TradingBells

AP / SB: An Authorised person or Sub-broker is registered with the exchange and can act on behalf of the broker.

Remisier / Associate: A remisier is also registered with the exchange but cannot act on behalf of the broker. Instead they act like franchises of the main broker

Client Referral: You may also enjoy sharing in brokerage by referring clients to us without the need for any registration. All you need to do here is refer your friends to us and we will reward you with a share in the brokerage they generate.

Most of our clients start by referring clients (Option #3 above) and enjoy 10%-20% referral brokerage. Those who are able to provide higher number of referrals, then opt for the Remisier Plan (Option #2 above). Here they enjoy higher brokerage sharing (upto 50%) against a nominal monthly commitment of 5 accounts.

Then there are a few others who prefer to manage their own clients through a trading terminal, and back office access and hence opt for the AP/Sub-Broking route (Option #1 above). In this case, you enjoy a flat brokerage sharing of 50% or more, without having to worry about any monthly commitments. Plus the brokerage rates for your clients is also decided by you (applicable in case of premium plan only)

See below comparison chart for the detailed benefits and conditions under each of these three partnerships.

If you would like to discuss about partnering with TradingBells, please reach out to us on helpdesk@tradingbells.com or 022-33756300 and we shall be glad to assist you.
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