TradingBells Premium Plan is for traders & investor looking for higher leverage and personalized services.

At a brokerage of just 3p or 0.03% for Intraday & Futures trading, 30p or 0.30% for Delivery Based transactions and Rs. 80 per lot for Options trading, you get to enjoy:-

• Higher leverage in Delivery, Intraday and Futures transactions.
• Free unlimited call & trade facility.
• Eligible to apply for our Research Plus Pack.

Below are the higher limits provided under the Premium Plan

TradingBells Premium Plan Leverage

Important points to note
1. The MTM Square Off limit by RMS will be set to 70% instead of the usual 80% under the Premium Plan.
2. For Delivery Based trades, limit is available free of interest for 2 days (until T+2). Thereafter interest would apply @0.05% per day on the unpaid portion only.

For more details, please get in touch with our friendly customer support team and they will be glad to help !

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