What is the process to apply for an upcoming IPO?

As a TradingBells customer, you may apply for any ongoing IPOs through online banking using any of your bank accounts (not necessarily your registered bank account). Below are the steps for ICICI bank customers, however the steps are similar for most banks.


Login to your ICICI Bank online banking

Click on Investment & Insurance -> Invest Online

Click on Invest Online

Click on Online IPO -> Invest in IPO

Click Invest in IPO

Select your account number from the drop-down and click on Submit

Click Submit

Verify your details and click on `I accept the terms and conditions’. Please note your name should exactly match your PAN card, and there should be no special characters (such as dot after Mr. or Mrs.)

Verify the details

Enter the digits for authorization from your ICICI Bank debit card (and/or OTP sent by the bank)

Enter authorization code

Click on Submit

Click Submit

A new page will open with the currently available IPOs. Click on Go in front of the IPO you want to apply. Please take note of the Quantity multiples and the price band.

Select the IPO and Click "Go"

If you already have an existing ICICI Direct account, the DP Account drop down will by default show that account number. You need to select “Other” from the drop-down.

Select Other from the drop down

Input the DP ID as “IN303833”, the DP Name as “Swastika Investmart Ltd.” and the DP Account with your DP Account number as received on your welcome mail. You will also find your DP Account number in your Back Office login here. Your username is your Client ID and default password is your PAN in Capital Letters.

Enter the DP details

Enter the quantity of shares and tick on the “CutOff Price” if you would like to apply at the cut off, and click on Submit.

Enter the details

On the confirmation screen, tick on the “Terms & Conditions” and click Submit

Click on Confirm

A pop-up will ask you to allocate funds for IPO. This will only block your funds for IPO and no amount will be debited from your bank account at this stage. Click on Submit button. As per ASBA rules, the amount gets debited from your bank account only if you are allotted any shares of the IPO.

Click Submit

A confirmation screen will show your IPO application was successful

Confirmation Screen

Upon clicking OK, the next screen will show your application number and status. You may download this in excel or csv format for future reference. Also please contact your sales representative at TradingBells so we can track the IPO allotment for you once it is confirmed (usually 5-7 days after IPO application is closed).

Application Status
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