How do we reduce our premium brokerage rates at TradingBells?

Our premium customers have the option to subscribe to our reduced brokerage rates by subscribing to one of the below plans. Please see below table for details.

This is an excellent option for those traders looking to lower their brokerage rates and enjoy higher trading limits at the same time. That's not all, all our premium customers enjoy free call & trade facility as well as a dedicated RM to cater to their needs.

The most popular plan is the Platinum Plan where the brokerage rates are reduced to just 1 paisa and you get an additional 3 months of validity. Thousands of customers across India are enjoying reduced brokerage rates with TradingBells, so why would you like to miss out?

That's not all, if you are unable to utilise the full balance during the validity period, you may choose to re-subscribe to the same or higher plan and the unutilised balance on your account will be added to your subscription amount.

For details please contact us on 9667658800 or email us on
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