Our Research Calls have given good profits to our customers to the order of Rs. 5 to 10 Lacs every month since May 2018. You may check the updated research track sheets here which is updated on a daily basis.

However profit only comes to those who are able to follow the below rules.

Trading Rules

Trade on EVERY call we give. There would always be some calls which hit the target, while some hit the SL. We will always try to ensure there is overall profit for the client at the end of the trading day / month from ALL the trades taken together.

Follow our Entry Price, Stop Loss and Targets very very strictly. If the market has not reached the Entry Level, DO NOT enter the trade. Also DO NOT square off a loss making position BEFORE the SL is hit.

Trade with equal amount / same number of lots for every trade. Never trade with higher amounts for any one trade. Since you'll be using our high limits under premium plan, the investment amount required is only Rs. 30k - 50k per segment for these calls.

We recommend to NOT trade on calls other than the ones we provide, or track them separately so you can exactly see how much Profit you've made from our calls.

Please go through the below video to know exactly how you can place these research call orders on our software. Alternatively you may call our traders on 9667659900 and place the trades.

(Note: We cannot take instructions to trade on your behalf without confirming with you for every trade).

For the details on how to subscribe to our Research Calls, please check this article or you may contact us here.
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